This blog is for everyone who’s ever said, “…but who has time for that?”  It is for the nine to fivers, the moms, the dads, everyone who’s ever been dissatisfied with how they look or feel, who’s ever wanted to get more out of life.  I started a journey a few years ago that took me a lot further than I ever thought it would.  I had spent years in a post-military depression made worse by the transition to nine to five employment.  A husband and father of three (four now), too much rested on my shoulders, and by the time my daily responsibilities were met, it didn’t seem like any useable time was left over for me.  I had lost all interest in living, and I couldn’t continue to keep the ship afloat if I couldn’t tend to my own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.  There wasn’t much room for flexibility in my schedule, but I decided to change what I could in an attempt to meet those needs.  That change, though minor, had an incredibly positive and far-reaching impact.

The practice that I’m going to share with you in this blog has drastically improved my life over the last five years and continues to positively affect my life and the lives of those around me in ways that I never anticipated.  I’m currently writing a book about this process, but I don’t want this book to be just about my experience.  I want to bring you along on the journey as well and create an army of sustainable healthers (yes…I just made that a thing) to help restore self-empowerment to a world of men and women, mothers and fathers, employees and business owners…anyone who’s ever said those six words above.  My standard line used to be, “It’s on my list.”  This, of course, was an imaginary list of things I never expected to get to…a list that has since transitioned into things I’m doing and have done.  I want you to come along on this journey with me, and I want to hear about your experiences.

My method has nothing to do with will power.  Trust me, that doesn’t work…at least not for long.  This is not just a method for weight loss, though I shed over 30 excess pounds in the first year and settled into an ideal weight that I have easily sustained for the last four years.  It’s not just a method for improved diet and exercise though I will share with you how I have made these improvements easily and sustainably over the last five years.  The greatest benefit from this approach is how a bit of strategic positioning can improve those things and, in turn, provide the energy, confidence, and motivation to pursue your passions and accomplish more with your life.  I was a once avid reader who hadn’t been able to complete more than three books in the previous ten years other than for academic pursuits.  I was also an aspiring writer who hadn’t found time or motivation for much writing at all and had nearly given up on that pursuit.  Since starting this journey, I have read hundreds of books, and my writing has increased exponentially…all while maintaining my full-time employment and keeping up with my family and household responsibilities.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come along on this journey with me.  You don’t have to enjoy reading or be an aspiring writer.  Those are my interests.  What interests you?  You may have a lot more than 30 lbs. to lose, and that’s okay.  You can do it, and I will show you how.  I want to support you on your journey, and I’m hoping to learn from you as well.  My wife of 16 years was once my toughest critic on this process, dismissing it as a singular success, but it’s undeniably positive effects have stood the test of time and have become infectious.  She joined me on this journey one week ago and will be sharing her experiences with you as well.  We’ll have some challenges to overcome as our nine month old son does not always have the same goals in mind as we do.  I’m sure most of you will be facing similar challenges, and we can help each other through them.  Please, take the time to read my first post, “Laying Foundations (Part I) – Finding the Right Approach”, and let me know what you think.  I’m excited about sharing this journey with others, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  So…here’s to your success!  We have much to talk about…