I Thought About That

I once had a dream

I was a greyhound in a race,

And [damn] I was fast.

Bursting from the gate,

Shoulder to shoulder,

And heal to chin, I ran.

But, whether by intent or fate,

Awareness crept in

As if I’d been wearing blinders,

And they began to slip


‘Til they were hanging

‘Round my neck.


I then began to see

The cheering crowd,

And money changing hands.

As I slowed, I heard the cries,

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Why’s he slowing down?”

Familiar voices rose


Above the rest,

“You gotta run, boy!”

“The others are leaving you!”


I saw the others

Chasing rabbits on rails.

I saw the track.


Its futility laid bare

By the scene.

But, beyond the track,

I saw a door,

With its face lit

By the morning sun.


Waking from the dream,

I was still the dog in the race,

And [damn] I was fast.

I thought about

The blinders slipping,

And the voices in the crowd.


Without knowing.

I thought about

Chasing rabbits in circles,

And the door in the morning sun.

I thought about that,

And I just ran on.

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