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Nothing adds a little spice to your summer in Florida like a broken A/C, especially when you have seven people under the same roof with ages ranging from < 1 year to > 60 years.  My teenage daughters are especially fond of it.  The conditions are well suited for a hot yoga class, but less so for your first day of high school.  And, no amount of downward dog is going to fix that hair.  We’ve employed every available fan in the house from ceiling fans, to box fans, to oscillating fans…even the cat was seen using an oriental fan that she produced from I don’t know where.  She has taken to lying on her back in dramatic posture with her arm over her forehead (paw outward), and her hair looks like a cross between Mufasa and a porcupine.

We received the news earlier this week, “I’m sorry, Mr. Fuller.  This is bad…really bad.  Your compressor has a leak.  Watch when I put the sensor all the way to the back.  Hear the beeping? [yep…hear it]  See, out here…nothing, but back there… [yep…beeping]  Out here…and back there [beeping…got it].”  Suddenly, I’m reliving my childhood and picturing Grover from Sesame Street in a near/far routine.  “It’s going to take at least a week to get a new compressor in, but the good news is, the part is under warranty, so it will only cost $1,100 for labor.”  I feel like his version of good news could use an upgrade.  Somehow I am to blame for not demanding a more agreeable response, though I did employ my best yoga techniques.  There was the prostrate pleading pose, the upraised arms to the heavens pose, the shaking fist pose [Whyyyyyyyy?].  But, I guess I was never really good at yoga anyway.  I usually get lost somewhere between the “You want me to do what?” pose and the “Oh yeah, that’s never going to happen” pose.

So, I guess I’ll just stick to hog blogging for now.  I mean that more literally than figuratively.  I got up a few minutes ago for an ice water refill, and my chair stuck to my thighs for the first three steps.  Maybe that will be my contribution to the yoga community.  The sitting walker pose they’ll call it.  If I can do it, anyone can, so all hope is not lost.  Think yoga’s not for you?  Give it a try.  Cut off the A/C for a while, sit down to write your next post (or read a few others), then get up and try the sitting walker pose.  What do you have to lose besides some water weight and a little bit of dignity…


4 thoughts on “Hot Blogging

  1. Thanks for a great post. I didn’t know you wrote humor. It was very funny. Maybe, my AC will break, and I can sweat off a few ponds while doing my favorite yoga pose. Its called, “I can barely see my toes, let alone touch them pose.”

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