You Don’t Need the Magic Feather

Did you ever watch Disney’s Dumbo?  Do you recall when Dumbo and Timothy the mouse wake up in a tree to the heckling of the local crows?  After deliberating on the possibilities, Timothy decides that Dumbo must have flown up into the tree using his oversized ears.  He realizes Dumbo’s potential for success and tries to get him to fly again, but doubting his own abilities, Dumbo refuses to try.  Timothy and the crows then come up with a plan to use an ordinary crow feather and convince Dumbo that it is a magic feather that will enable him to fly.  The plan works, and Dumbo becomes an instant success under the Big Top.  Everything goes great until Dumbo, with Timothy riding in his hat, leaps from a tall platform and the feather slips from the grip of his trunk.  Facing certain death, Timothy frantically confesses the ruse to Dumbo and convinces him that he could fly all along.

The truth is, we all have the ability to take control of our health, yet the health and wellness market is flooded with magic feathers.  You’ve seen the advertisements.  “Take this and you’ll never have to diet again!”  “Lose weight without exercise!”  You never see any that say, “Lose money, and make us feel great!”  However, I have actually read the fine print on some that state, “Best when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet.”  Well, I be done seen about everything.  I’m no Einstein, but I’m going to guess the real value lies in exercise and a well-balanced diet.  You can save your money and skip the magic feather.  Or if you prefer some drama, “C’mon, fly!  Open them ears!  The magic feather was just a gas!  You can fly!  Honest, you can!  Hurry!  Open ‘em up!  Pleeeeaaaase!”

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