Lakeridge Winery

I recently took my wife to Lakeridge Winery for her birthday.  I had been looking for a reasonably local winery to take her to for a tour and tasting, and based on reviews, I decided on Lakeridge in Clermont, Florida.  As an added bonus, they were hosting their annual BBQ and Blues Festival that weekend.  The festival includes local arts and crafts, so there was a lot to do and see.

What was once a thriving orange grove community, now has little else going on besides the winery.  However, Lakeridge is very well run and operated and has been steadily growing for nearly 30 years.  The festival was very well staffed and the food and music were excellent.  We were a bit concerned about the afternoon heat which turned out to not be an issue.  The main facility sits on a Florida high point and the unhindered breeze is constant.

The only thing we regretted is not bringing any chairs.  After touring the winery, sampling the fare, and perusing the arts and crafts, we would have liked to have settled in with the majority of the guests under the shade of the large oak trees where the main stage was set.  We would happily have spent the afternoon relaxing and listening to the music, getting up periodically to sample more food and wine, but having no chairs with us, we quickly grew tired of standing.  Though our day was ended early, we had a great time and would do it again.  But, next time with chairs…

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